Wellness Programs

Physicians are trusted agents in our culture, and stand for intelligence, confidence, and responsibility with patients.  With this duty, physicians have an obligation to serve others, ethically, competently and in a skillful manner. Physicians are required to demonstrate high levels of cognitive performance, including rapid cover_photo.jpgdecision-making, complicated thought processes, adept judgment, and intact memory while caring for the needs of patients, their families, and others in the workplace.  When high-level thinking is replaced by
cognitive decline or care is replaced by dysfunctional behavior, professional boundaries are violated and patient care can be placed at risk.

The Physicians Wellness Program (PWP) and the Physicians Clinical Proficiency Assurance Program (CPAP) aim to evaluate and assess the skills of physicians who may exhibit disruptive behavior or signs of cognitive decline and provide the physician, their families and the referral source, with treatment solutions for improved physician performance.

These same skills and assessments are also available for high level executives referred to the Executive Evaluation Program (EEP).

To learn more about these programs, contact Sara at lizgroupllc@yahoo.com or 888.822.9732.